How to update a single record in Raiser's Edge:

1. Open the linked Raiser's Edge constituent record
2. Navigate to the Bio 2 tab
3. Choose any Religion table entry from the drop down menu if nothing is selected OR update to a different table entry if one already exists
4. Click Save & Close

How to globally update a group of records in Raiser's Edge:

1. Create a Constituent Query of the group of records you would like to update
2. Navigate to Admin and select Globally Change Records
3. Highlight Constituent and click the New Change button
4. Click the Include button and search for the Query created in step 1.
5. Navigate to the Biographical category in the Available Fields and choose Religion by double-clicking or choosing the Select button. In this example, the Religion table entry you select will update on all constituent records included in the Query
6. Choose the Operation "Add" and make a selection from the drop-down menu
7. Mark the Overwrite existing value checkbox. This will ensure the value is populated on records where there is no Religion value OR update to the selected value if the field is currently populated
8. Click OK
9. Click Change Now button