Credit Card Updater Process for Luminate Online


If you have signed up for the Credit Card Updater Service, on the 10th of every month Blackbaud will send the request for updated card information for any registered card stored within your Blackbaud Payment Services credit card vault.   It can then take up to 4 business days to receive updates back from the card issuing banks, and all updated credit card data is then stored in the BBPS Credit Card vault for the specific sustaining gift token.


Luminate Online will run the task daily to retrieve any Credit Card Updater updates from the Blackbaud Payment Services accounts.  When a card has an update, it will charge the updated card upon the next payment date in the sustaining gift series, and the card update will be recorded as an interaction in Luminate upon that next processing date with the updated card information.


Every time a new sustaining gift has been created in your Luminate Online site, it will be registered for the Credit Card Updater Service.  Once a gift has been cancelled or completed, it will be deregistered for the service.