How to add/edit Attachment Types in FENXT

In FENXT>> Payables>> Invoices, you are able to attach files to Invoice records.  After selecting the file, a name and 'Attachment type' are required fields.  The Attachment type field values are created/stored in the database view.
1.  Click 'Open database view' and select Accounts Payable
2.  In Configuration, select Tables
3.  Highlight Media Type on the left to view any existing values
4.  Click 'New Table Entry' to add a new value
5.  Enter the value and click OK

Note:  You may need to log out of The Financial Edge and FENXT for the changes to take effect.

Steps to Duplicate

1.  In FENXT>> select Payables>> Invoices
2.  Click 'Add an Invoice' or click on an existing Invoice to open it
3.  Click 'Attach a file' under Attachments on the Invoice
4.  Select the desired file**
**Note:  Attachment type is a required field

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