Prospect Pipeline Dashboard Panel listing Prospect Status displays incorrect results

When reviewing the Prospect Pipeline Dashboard Panel set to Prospect Status, some of the counts on the statuses are off.
The Prospect Pipeline panel requires a proposal to be on the constituent record to include them in the dashboard panel results.

If a constituent has a Proposal on their record, and does not have a Prospect Status, they will show up in the dashboard as unknown. 
If a constituent has no proposal on their record, they will not show up on the dashboard. 

To include a missing record, add an active proposal to the prospect's record.

Steps to Duplicate

In The Raiser's Edge sample database:
  1. Look up the constituent Kathleen Bently (or find another record using a constituent query with filters of Relationships > Assigned Solicitors > Assigned Solicitor Name blank AND Prospect > Proposals > Proposals > Date Added blank).
  2. Open the record and click on the Relationship tab.
  3. Assign Allison Andrews as a solicitor. Leave all fields on the relationship as blank.
  4. On the Prospect tab, set Prospect Status to Identification
  5. Save and close the constituent record.
  6. Go to Query and start a new constituent query.
  7. Set the Criteria tab to Relationships > Assigned Solicitors > Solicitor Specific Record equals [look up solicitor from step 3].
  8. On the Output tab, add the following fields: (1) Constituent information > Name and (2) Prospect > Prospect Status
  9. On the Sort tab, sort by Prospect > Prospect Status
  10. Click on the Results tab. Note the Total Records in the lower right. Also note how many records are listed with each Prospect Status.
  11. Save the query, but keep open for reference.
  12. Go to Dashboards. Start a new Dashboard adding the Prospect Pipeline Dashboard.
  13. Edit the dashboard properties to only include the solicitor added in step 3.
  14. Ensure the Status to show value is Prospect Status.
  15. Ensure that the bottom checkboxes of Include inactive proposals and Funded proposals only are unmarked.
  16. Leave other fields as they are and click OK.
  17. Compare the Prospect Status counts versus the query results built in steps 6 through 11.
  18. To have Kathleen Bently appear in the Dashboard panel counts, return to her constituent record.
  19. On the Prospect tab, click on Proposal and then New Proposal in the upper left.
  20. Enter a Proposal name and Purpose.
  21. Save and close the Proposal.
  22. Save and close the constituent record.
  23. Return to Dashboard to the Prospect Pipeline Dashboard Panel set up in steps 12 through 16.
  24. Click Refresh in the upper right. A 1 will appear in the Identification column for Kathleen Bently's status due to adding the proposal.


 Raiser's Edge
 7.94, 7.95

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