If you haven't yet downloaded your Persistent Key Results file view How do you retrieve Persistent Key results?, and then complete the following steps to import the results into Blackbaud CRM: 
  1. Unzip the files
  2. If BB Persistent Key results have been imported into your database before skip to step 5     
  3. Create two attributes named BB Individual Key & BB Household Key:
    • Click Administration > Attribute Categories
    • Click Add
    • Name the attribute: BB Individual Key
    • Set the Record Type to Constituent
    • Mark Allow only one per record
      User-added image
      Note: Once the attribute is saved the option to mark Allow only one per record is set and can't be changed. We recommend selecting Allow only one per record as this will cause the attributes to be updated when the record is submitted to be re-keyed each quarter.  Not marking Allow only one per record will cause a new attribute to be added each time the record in submitted to Persistent Key.   
    • Click Save
    • Repeat the above steps to create an attribute named BB Household Key
  4. Create the batch design for import that includes the attributes created in Step 2:
    • Click Administration > Batch > Batch Entry
    • Click Batch Templates on left
    • Click Add
    • Choose Constituent Update Batch > OK
    • Name the batch design BB Persistent Key and select a Workflow name and Numbering scheme
    • Click Next
    • In the left pane expand Constituent Attributes, select the following attributes, and click the arrow to move them to the right adding them to the batch:
      • BB Household Key
      • BB Household Key comment
      • BB Household Key start date
      • BB Individual Key
      • BB Individual Key comment
      • BB Individual Key start date

      User-added image
      Note: You may wish to review your organizations Configure options for Commit options, Constituent matching, and Constituent updates
    • Click Save
  5. Create the Import Process:
    • Click Administration > Import.
    • Click Add or Select the BB Persistent Key import process if Persistent Key results have been imported before.
      • If you clicked Add expand Constituent and double click BB Persistent Key
      • Name the Import Process BB Persistent Key
    • Select From Local File and browse to the file extracted in Step 1 then click Next
    • Click Auto-Map
      User-added image
    • Click Save
  6. Select the BB Persistent Key import and select Start Import
  7. Go to Admin > Batch > Batch Entry
  8. Highlight the batch created by the BB Persistent Key import process
  9. Click Commit
  10. We recommend marking the following:
    • Validate Batch Before committing
    • Check for duplicate constituents
    • Create control report
    • Create output selection and give it a name that is useful to your organization (ie. BB Persistent Key June 2016)

    User-added image
  11. Click Start
The results will be added as an attribute onto the constituent record as shown below:

User-added image
  • Category = Key Type
  • Value = Persistent Key
  • Start date = Date keyed
  • Comment = Key Status