Unable to refresh Research Groups with in a Queue - in Version 4.0

In previous versions of CRM, users had the able to create "Populate Research Groups" that could then be added to a queue to be refreshed. In versions of 4.0, users have the ability to create "Research Groups", however, those group will not appear when users attempt to add them to a queue. 
Research Groups are not designed to be run within a queue.  To have them run automatically nightly, check the option to refresh automatically within the Research Group.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to the Prospects functional area
  2. Click “Manage research groups”
  3. Add a research group
  4. Once a research group is added to the Research list, navigate to Administration > Queue
  5. Create a new Queue Process
  6. Under Business Process Parameter Set Search, click the Business process type: drop-down select “Research List Populate Process”
  7. Notice the research group that you created in the above steps is not an available option. 


 Blackbaud CRM

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