When the integration between Luminate Online Marketing and The Raiser's Edge has been established, all merging of duplicate records must be done in The Raiser's Edge. Prior to merging in Raiser's Edge ensure that all constituent updates and transactions have been successfully processed from the RELO plugin. Constituents pending in the RELO plugin that warrant a merge should be processed first, associated transactions can be transferred in the merge from the child to parent record in Raiser's Edge.

To resolve an Unknown Donor or Pending gift navigate to Luminate Online to edit the constituent record where the transaction exists:
  1. Access the Constituent record linked to the gift in Luminate Online
  2. Make a small edit to the record’s biographical information, such as to the middle name, maiden name, nickname, or address fields. This edit can be reversed later
  3. This will 'dirty' the constituent record and resend it to the RELO plug in as a new constituent update
  4. Access the RELO plug in and process the constituent record changes
  5. Check the Gifts & Registrations portion of the plug in to process
An issue with free and rsvp event registrations marked as pending in the RELO plugin was identified and resolved with the July 2016 release of the RELO plugin and web services. A TeamRaiser issue with pending gifts was resolved in the February 2017 release. Please update to the latest plugin and web service version to resolve this issue.

Contact Support and create a case if you are still experiencing this issue after updating versions.