Budget Scenario analysis numbers incorrect when running General Ledger Report in FENXT

When running the General Ledger Report in FENXT (filtering to period ranges) and including budget scenarios, the Budget analysis numbers ( Favorable/ Unfavorable and budget remaining %) are incorrect. However, when running this report in database view the numbers are correct. 
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

--Database view: --
1. From the General Ledger go to Reports.
2. Select Account Reports > General Ledger Report> 
3. Make sure the following is set on the General tab: 
    ** We were running this report YTD, and then by PERIOD also 
  • Date: <Specific Fiscal Period> 
  • Start Fiscal Year: This Fiscal Year (for both)
  • Start Fiscal Period: Period #
  • End Fiscal Period: Period #
  • Exclude accounts with zero activity, no activity.
4. Go to the Filters Tab, Make sure the following are selected:
  • Account Codes = Selected ####
  • Categories =Selected, Expense
  • Department = Selected ###
5. Go to the Format Tab- Detail, and make sure the following are selected:
  • Show Budget Scenario "NAME OF BUDGET"
  • Include Fiscal Year "This fiscal year"
  • Mark the "Include year-to-date budget analysis" and "Summarize account details by source transaction" boxes.
  • Also mark the "show distribution for these Characteristics" boxes and mark for project ID's
  • Finally mark the "Show characteristic as a column in the main report body" box.
6. Preview/ Print the Report.

1. After logging in, go to Reporting.
2. Enter the name of the report in the search field.
3. All Filters and report parameters should be saved but double check they match above using three dot ellipses and selecting parameters.
4. Save and run the report.
5. Results should be different than database view.


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