First, we'll need to create an attribute in the system to track this information. We'll create the same attribute in Registrar's Office, Admissions Office, and Student Billing to ensure that the Applicant record, Student record, and Student Billing Record of the child reflect the same information. 

1. Log into Admissions Office.
2. Go to Configuration > Attributes.
3. Select Applicant.
4. In the box to the right, scroll down until you find an empty white box.
5. Type Gender in the empty field.
6. In the same row, under the Data Type column, select Table.
7. In the same row, under the Table Name column, select [Add new table].
8. Name the new table, and click OK.
8. Go to Configuration > Tables.
9. Find the name of the newly created table.
10. Click New Table Entry.
11. Enter the various gender options.

*Once this is completed, repeat these same steps in both Registrar's Office and Student Billing.

With the newly added attribute, we are ready to add this to an Online Admission or Reenrollment form by following this KnowledgeBase Article: How to add applicant attributes to Online Admissions Form

Some schools may still wish to use the Gender field on the Bio 1 tab for students and applicants. We can create a query that filters based on the attribute that we created, and use it in a Global Change. For example, if a school is wanting for all applicants who selected Male on the attribute to also have Male listed on their Bio 1 tab of their record.

1. Log into Admissions Office.
2. Select Query > Add new.
3. Create an Applicant query.
4. In the criteria tab, select Attribute > Newly created gender attribute > Description.
5. Select Equals to Male.
6. Click save and close.
7. Repeat these steps, but for the Female selection as well.
8. Go to Administration > Globally Change Records.
9. Select Applicant > New Change.
10. Under Applicant, select Gender.
11. Select Operation: Add.
12. Select Add: Male.
13. Click OK.
14. In the filters tab, for the applicant filter, select the newly created male query.
15. Click Preview Changes.
16. Ensure the changes look accurate.
17. Select Change Now.

*Once this is complete, repeat the above steps, but instead of Male select all Female options.

This will then add Female, and Male to the desired students' Bio 1 tab, and will leave a Blank for students who have chosen an other gender option.

When enrolling applicants, follow this KnowledgeBase Article to ensure the attribute moves from Admissions to Registrar's and Student Billing: How to copy attributes