• For time graphs, when Minimum is set to 0 and Maximum is set to 1 in the Format Axis screen (refer to step 1 for navigation instructions), the Y axis would range from 0:00:00 to 24:00:00. 
  • The value for 1 hour is 0.0416666 (1 divided by 24).
  • The Minimum and Maximum sets the range of values to display on the vertical axis. 
  • Major unit sets the interval on the vertical axis.
  • Minor unit sets the tick marks (defaults to not being viewed).
    Screenshot of the Axis Options Minimum, Maximum, Major Unit, Minor Unit
For this example, we will format the line graph to show even hours (0:00:00, 1:00:00, 2:00:00) as well as showing half hours and quarter hours.
  1. Click anywhere in the vertical axis to select it. Right-click and select Format Axis.
  2. In the Axis Options:
    1.  Minimum: Select Fixed and enter 0.
    2.  Maximum: Select Fixed and enter 0.0833332. Because we want the maximum to be 2:00:00, we multiple the hour value, 0.0416666, by 2 to get this value.
    3. Major unit: Select Fixed and enter 0.0416666 to show only the hours: 
      Graph showing 0:00:00, 1:00:00, and 2:00:00 on the vertical axis

      Enter 0.0208333 (hour value, 0.0416666, divided by 2) to show half hours: 
      Graph showing 0:00:00, 0:30:00, 1:00:00, 1:30:00, and 2:00:00 on the vertical axis

      Enter 0.0104166 (hour value, 0.0416666, divided by 4) to show quarter hours:
      Graph showing 0:00:00, 0:30:00, 0:45:00, 1:00:00, 1:15:00, 1:30:00, 1:45:00, and 2:00:00 on the vertical axis 0:15:00,
    4. Minor units: In this example, we'll just leave it set to the default. It doesn't impact what is displayed on the vertical axis. 
  3.  Click Close to close and save the Format Axis screen.