1. Confirm the BBPS password is correct in the BBMS Web Portal:
    1. Log into BBMS 
    2. Select Account Management > General Settings
    3. Scroll down to Account Configurations
    4. A prompt will appear "Blackbaud Merchant Services has detected a Blackbaud Payment Service credentials change and is unable to connect with Blackbaud Payment Service. Please submit the new Blackbaud Payment Service credentials here."
    5. In the Password field, enter your BBPS password
    6. Click Test updated credentials to ensure a successful connection
    7. If the connection is successful, click Save.  (If the connection is not successful, re-enter the BBPS password until your connection is confirmed)
    8. Return to Account Management > General Settings > Account Configurations
    9. Click the ellipses next to the Blackbaud Merchant Services account(s) > Edit
    10. Make no changes
    11. Click Save
  2. Confirm the BBPS password is correct in RE:
    1. Log into RE with the Supervisor username (NOT a username with Supervisor rights)
    2. Click Config>General
    3. Under Blackbaud Payment Services Credentials, type the BBPS password in the "Password" and "Confirm" fields
    4. Click Test Connection
    5. Click OK to the "Connection Successful" prompt
    6. In the navigation menu, click on the Online Express icon
If your organization does not know your BBPS password, please refer to How do I change my Blackbaud Payment Service (BBPS) or Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) password.

You can test your form using a test credit card

Card Number: 4111111111111111
Cardholder name: Any name will work
Expiration Date: Any expiration date will work
CSC Code: Any code will work

We should expect a rejection error on the form if BBPS and BBMS are connected.