First, Edit the merge process so that a list of merged constituents is created. This selection will be used in query for the second part of the process. To edit the merge process: 
  1. From Constituents, click on Duplicates, then Constituent merge.
  2. Click on the hyperlinked merge process, then click Edit process from the Tasks menu.
  3. In the results section, check the box to Create selection from the results, as seen here:
Next, create a query of the merged constituents and use Marriage Options to update both the spouse and the household records, as seen here:
  1. From Analysis, click Information library, and Add and Ad-hoc query.
  2. Choose the source view of Constituents, and press OK
  3. Under Browse for fields in, scroll down and select the Selections folder.
  4. Choose the name of the selection you created from the merge process in the middle column, and drag it to Include Records Where.
  5. Set it Equal to Yes.
  6. Click Preview Results
  7. On the bottom left of the screen, click Browse, and choose Marriage Options from the list. Press Ok.
  8. On the Marriage Options screen, choose the Contact Information tab. 
  9. Find the merged constituent under the Address header, and expand the name using the button with the down arrows
  10. Click Copy to Spouse
  11. In the popup window, check the box marked Set as primary address, and click Save.
  12. Repeat this process for Copy to Household.
  13. At the bottom of the screen, double click on the next constituent from the query list, and repeat the process.