This can be caused by one of 2 reasons:

1. The link the user is clicking has expired. Both password reset links and links to set up a reviewer's account are temporary links. 
If a person is receiving the above error after clicking on the link e-mailed to them, please have them click Forgot Password? at the Reviewer Portal login page to request a new link be e-mailed to them. The new link will be valid for 24 hours from the point they click SEND to send the e-mail with the link to reset their password. 
2. The user has 2 entries in GIFTS Online: if someone with their e-mail is listed twice in GIFTS Online and the user tries to click on their link - they will be denied access to the portal. In order to be able to log in to the portal successfully, the user's e-mail address must correspond to only one contact record in GIFTS.  To correct this, please do the following:

1. Log in to GIFTS
2. Select contacts when performing a quick search
3. Enter the contact's full name in the search box
4. If you receive multiple contacts of the same name and same e-mail address, please consider consolidating or deleting one of the entries


1. Log in to GIFTS
2. Click Full Search
3. Select Contacts on the left
4. Click 'Add Filters'
5. Check E-mail Address > Done
6. Enter the email address of your external reviewer > Search
7. If you receive more than one result matching the e-mail address entered, please consider consolidating or deleting one of the entries