Key status indicates the type of record the constituent matched to based on the below:
  • Confirmed - This person is in our referential data (i.e. they exist in one or more of the data sources) and are a confirmed entity/key.
  • Unconfirmed - This person has been submitted before (either by you or another client) and we have given them a Persistent Key, but we could not find them in the referential data.
  • Temporary - This is the first time this name and address combination has been submitted and doesn't exist in our referential data.  A temporary key is assigned for now, but once confirmed as an actual name and address they will get matched to an Unconfirmed Key when submitted a second time.  If it looks like a suspect name and address combination it will remain a Temporary Key even if submitted multiple times.

After retrieving your key statuses, the following Knowledgebase articles may be helpful: