Error: The donation form has no eligible designees. - When validating a copied donation form

I am working on a new donation form with designated giving. Whenever I try to validate it, though, I get error message indicating there are "no eligible designees" even though the form has designated giving set up.

What is causing this error? How can I validate and publish my donation form?
This error can occur if your new form is a Copy of an existing donation form with designated giving. To clear this error and validate and publish your form, please:
  1. Navigate to Donation Management > Donations > All Donation Forms
  2. Click Edit beside the new form
  3. Select Design Donor Screens
  4. Click Edit beside Donation Form
  5. Click on your Designated Giving donation level to select it
  6. Click "Save Order and and Edit Selected"
  7. Click Save and Finish
  8. Select Validate and click the Validate button

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Copy an existing donation form
  2. Attempt to Validate the form without modifying the Designated Giving donation level first



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