Just like other control reports in the Raiser's Edge, the Credit Card Updater (CCU) Control Report displays a snapshot of changes made to records in the database. In this case, the report displays every constituent with updated credit card information, and details of how that information changed. The report also lists the corresponding gifts with which the credit cards were associated.

Users often confuse the Number of Cards Updated data with the registered cards updated and charged for the service. The Number of Cards Updated is showing the number of places where records were updated with the changes made from the service. For example, a valid credit card registered with the service, located on the Bio2 tab of a constituent record, can be shared or linked with multiple gift records. When the valid credit card (from Bio2) is updated through CCU the credit card is updated on the Bio2 tab of the constituent record, this update is then shared on any gift record where that credit card was linked such as Pledges (Active or Completed).

For example, the Gift System Record ID may refer to a recurring gift, even if that line in the report represents a recurring gift pay-cash. Because of this, there can be several lines referring to the same recurring gift. In determining how many individual gifts or constituents were updated by the CCU, it is most effective to refer to the output queries created by the tool. 

Billing and fees
The Credit Card Updater Control Report should not be used in reference to CCU billing and fees for the service. The report displays the number of locations where records were updated with the changes made from the service, for this reason the card token that was charged in the service may appear multiple times (in different locations) in the report. Questions or concerns about CCU billing please contact your Blackbaud Merchant Services Account representative.