Core allows multiple users to share the same username. However, If two users share the same username, and their passwords are located on an LDAP server, the users may receive an error message when trying to log in. To allow for the affected user to log into the system, one of the two users will need to have their usernames adjusted. Because of this, when using an LDAP server, we suggest not allowing duplicate usernames.

To find duplicate usernames:
  1. Log into Core.
  2. Go to Analysis > Manage Lists > Manage Basic and Advanced Lists.
  3. Select List Templates.
  4. In the Category dropdown, select Constituent Information.
  5. Search for the Template titled User Login Information.
  6. Click View/Copy.
  7. In the filters tab, add a new global filter of User Name equals [Insert affected username].
  8. Click preview.
  9. Take note of the other records with whom the affect user shares a username.

To edit existing user's usernames:
  1. Log into Core.
  2. Using People FInder search for/select the preferred user
  3. Select the Access tab
  4. Within the Log In Information section, select Edit User name 
  5. Adjust the Username so it no longer matches the other usernames.
  6. Select  Save.
Note: If using ConnectEE, FAWeb / Netclassroom SSO, or any other Integration that requires usernames to match in both systems, ensure to update the affected user's username in each respective program.