Removing [[S120:transactionSummary]] from the autoresponder will remove the error. However, if you would still like to display a transaction summary within the autoresponder, since Transaction Summary is not an accepted argument in TeamRaiser autoresponders, the solution is to replicate the Transaction Summary information with arguments which are accepted. The following arguments replicate the information that would be found in the transaction summary: 
  • S120:dc:transactionDate 
  • S120:dc:giftAmount 
  • S120:dc:donorTitle 
  • S120:dc:donorFirstName 
  • S120:dc:donorLastName 
  • S120:dc:donorSuffix 
  • S120:dc:donorStreet1 
  • S120:dc:donorStreet2 
  • S120:dc:donorCity 
  • S120:dc:donorState 
  • S120:dc:donorZip 
  • S120:dc:donorCountry 
  • S120:dc:email 
  • S120:dc:taxDeductibleValue 
  • S120:dc:taxID 
  • S120:dc:trackingCode 
One thing to keep in mind is that this donation summary is added to the autoresponder automatically, so you may not want to include the same information in your s-tags that is included here: 
  • Event/Donation Form:  
  • In Support Of: 
  • Date: 
  • Amount: 
  • Tracking Code:
For more information on the available S120 tags, see: S120 tags for Donation Forms and related autoresponders.