1. Within Registrar's Office, navigate to Configuration
  2. Click Registrar Setup from the left hand side
  3. Select Marking Column Set
  4. Open the Selected Marking Set
  5. In the Description column, select or enter the descriptions of the marking columns.
NOTE: If you enter a new description (maximum of 60 alphanumeric characters), a message appears asking if you want to add it to the Marking Column table.
  1. In the Display Text column, enter how each marking column appear
  2. In the Include column, designate whether to associate all or selected terms with each marking column.
TIP: If you choose Selected, the Selected Terms screen appears for you to select the terms to associate with the marking column. Move the appropriate terms to the Include these terms box.  Click OK to return to the marking column set screen.
  1. Click Save and Close.