On the contract form, the ReEnrollment Manager sets Tuition Insurance within the Payment Plans block which is located in the Tuition and Payment Plans section of the contract.

When a parent selects a payment type with Tuition Insurance, a Tuition Insurances Yes/No option appears on the form. If they select Yes, the value in reports and lists appears as True. If they select No, the value is False.
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True also happens when the ReEnrollment Manager manually selects Tuition Insurance in the Edit Contract screen (located in onBoard > People Finder > search for the student/candidate > select their Contracts tab > edit the contract.)

False appears as a value when:
  • The ReEnrollment Manager manually selects the Tuition Insurance check box and saves the change in the Edit Contract screen. Then, they edit the contract, un-check that field and save the change. At that point, the value in the report changes from True to False.
  • The ReEnrollment Manager opens the Edit Contract screen and clicks Saved without making any changes. In this circumstance, the value in the report changes from a null value to False.