The "default type" used by Online Express is the Primary Email Type as set up Email Mapping in Integration Options. To view or edit these settings:
  1. Click on Online Express in the left menu of The Raiser's Edge.
  2. Click on Account in the upper right.
  3. Select Integration Options.
  4. Click on Email Mapping in the left menu.
  5. The Primary Email Type is the first value selected above the Secondary and Tertiary Email Types.

When a new constituent record is created from a transaction download (donation, membership, or event), the Primary Email Type, as set in steps above, will be used for the email address from the constituent. If a default set is being used for new records, the Primary Email Type is still used for the email address.

When a new email sign-up is processed, the email address defaults to the Primary Email Type as set in the steps above.