Custom header names from export definitions are not displaying when exporting

When adding custom header names you an export definition, you may find that they are not displaying properly when running an export.
  1. Modify the export options. 
  • Rename the top node, and the node that you want to have a shorter name. This will allow the header to be shorter. 
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  • ​Mark the checkboxes for Use field names for one to one column headers and Use short column headers on the Set Save Options tab in the export. 
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  1. Modify the column headers in the exported file to be the header needed. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. From Administration, select Export definitions
  2. Add or edit an export definition
  3. Select an output field from the right, click the pencil at the top to rename the field
  4. Save the export definition 
  5. From Administration, select Export
  6. Add new export and select the export definition you just worked on.
  7. Save and run export


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