Users without access to Ratings in databaseview can view Ratings in webview

After creating a user group without access to Ratings in the RE database and adding a user to this group, users are able to view wealth ratings in NXT even though they cannot view these ratings in the RE database.
This issue was specific to Organizations that did not have RE Search unlocked.  The Ratings used different permissions in that instance.  That specific issue was resolved with a release to correct the problem.

If a User does not have rights to view Ratings within Database View but is able to view the Ratings within NXT Web View from a List, this is working as designed.
If a user in NXT has access to view and utilize Lists, they are able to view any fields available with the List.  The security setting within The Raiser's Edge database view does not carry over to Lists at this time.

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Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into RE using a username with Supervisor rights
  2. Click Admin>Security
  3. Click "New User Group"
  4. Highlight Records
  5. Click Options
  6. Select Constituent
  7. Unmark the "View", "Add", "Edit", and "Delete" checkboxes for the Ratings row
  8. Click Save and Close
  9. Open any user record in Admin>Security
  10. Select "Selected group rights" 
  11. Select the user group saved in step 8
  12. Click Save and Close
  13. Wait 15-20 minutes and have the user log into 
  14. Open any constituent record
  15. Notice the user has access to the Ratings tile
  16. Have the user log into databaseview
  17. Have the user open the same constituent record from step 14
  18. Notice the user cannot see the Ratings tile

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