I do not see Event Action icons in AngelPoints

I do not see any Event Action icons when I navigate to my Manage Events page in AngelPoints. 
This issue is known to be present in Internet Explorer when your Document Mode is set to an unsupported version of Internet Explorer, such as Internet Explorer v8. 

In order to resolve this issue you will need to set the Document Mode in Internet Explorer Developer Tools to IE9 or above. 

To do so, please do the following: 

(Note: This may require the support of your IT staff to perform the following changes)

1. Open Internet Explorer
2. On your keyboard, hit the F12 key. This will open the Developer Tools console. 
3. Select Emulation in the Developer Tools toolbar.
4. Under Document Mode - set the mode to IE9, IE10, IE11, or Edge. 
5. Restart Internet Explorer. 


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