1. Follow the steps in Step 1 of  How to set up a workstation in Altru to ensure that you have configured your browser settings correctly
  2. Verify that your printer is added onto the printer list
    1. Go to Tickets > Print Setup > Workstations
    2. Click on your workstation
    3. On the Printers tab, note the name of your receipt printer.
    4. Go to Tickets > Print Setup > Printer Lists
    5. Verify that your receipt printer is in this list under Receipt Printers
    6. If not, click Receipt Printers, Click Edit and select your receipt printer from the dropdown
    7. Click Save
  3. If this error message is still happening after following those steps try renaming the workstation and re-adding the workstation into Altru
    1. Click on your start menu and type in rename this computer and click on that option
    2. Click on the change button to change your computer name and click ok.
      • IMPORTANT: Make sure that this computer name is less than 15 characters long!
    3. After the computer's name is changed open Altru
    4. Click Tickets > workstations > Click your workstation
    5. Click Change Machine Name in the task bar on the left, Enter the new machine name
    6. Click save
  4. Try to print the receipt
    1. From Sales, click Order Search, click Search
    2. Select an order
    3. On the Sales Documents tab, click Print
    4. Select the document to print, click Print
  5.  Clear browser cache