Why does Account Export include Not Yet Posted Activity in some areas but not all areas of export?

We can export account information such as account balances and transaction information using the Export function in General Ledger. When we select the Summary Sections, they only include Posted Activity to the Account, but if we include sections from Transaction, it includes both Posted and Not Yet Posted transactions from that account. The Not Yet Posted Activity can be from General Ledger or any sub-ledger such as Accounts Payable.
The Summary Sections only include Posted Activity to the Account while sections from Transaction include both Posted and Not Yet Posted transactions. Any changes to the included/excluded transactions will need to be completed manually in the exported file.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to GL, Export, New Account Export.
2. On the Output Tab, open Summary and add Beginning Balance, Ending Balance, Debits, Credits.
3. Then open Transactions and add post status, amount, journal reference. 
4. Click Export. Notice in the file if Not Yet Posted Activity exists, it will show up in the Transaction section, but not affect the Summary Information.


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