As a Grading Manager:
  1. Navigate to Settings > Grading > Grade Translation.
  2. Click Add, and you can create something like the following:
    • Grade Label: ME (example)
    • Abbr: ME (example)
    • Min Score: 0
    • Max Score: 0
    • Equiv. Score: 0
    • Then select Pass if this should consider the course passed.
    • Save & Exit.
  3. Next, navigate to onRecord > Settings > Grading > Grade Category.
  4. Click Add, and you can create your new Grade Category:
    • Group Type: Academics
    • Category Name: Medically Excused (example)
    • Category Type: Grade
    • Translation: Select the translation you created above.
    • Because you won't be translating the score, you can leave the check boxes unchecked.
    • Save & Exit.
  5. Next, navigate to onRecord > Settings > Grading > Grade Plans.
  6. Filter for the Grade Plan you need to add this Grade to.
  7. Click View to update the results.
  8. Click Edit in the upper right corner to edit the Grade Plan.
  9. On the lower left under the existing Grades/Comments - Descriptions, click the "Add Grades/Comments" link.
    • Description: Add a description
    • Category: Select the Grade Category you created above. Then Save & Exit.
    • Save.
Note: You'll want to add this to any Grade Plan where you want teachers to be able to select your ME "grade" for a student. 
  1. Last, navigate to onRecord > Performance > Grading >  Report Card Builder.
  2. Filter for your Report Card.
  3. Click View to update the results.
  4. Click Edit to the right of the Report Card you want to add a column to for this grade.
  5. On the left under Report Card Details, click the Access/Grades link.
  6. On the Right, click the Edit Access/Grades link.
  7. Click the Add Column link.
    • Give it a Label.
    • Select Type: Grade.
    • Save & Exit.
  8. Last, select the Grade to Display that you added to each of your Grade Plans.
  9. Click Save.