If a user does not appear in a distribution group, then the affected user may not meet the criteria associated with the list(s). Verify the user meets the criteria by taking the following steps: 


  1. Edit the Distribution Group to see which list(s) are associated with the group
  2.  In any Persona navigate to Analysis > Manage Lists.
  3. Click the Manage Basic and Advanced Lists block under List Actions.
  4. Locate, and Edit the appropriate list(s).
  5. Verify if the record does appear in the list and if the affected record(s) still meet the criteria of the list
    • For example, If the roles listed in the Filters tab's Global Filters are Candidate and/or Parent of Candidate role(s) and the candidate and their parent(s) are now in the Incoming Student and Parent of Incoming Student roles, then they no longer meet the criteria of the list.