In order to access groups for previous terms, users can pull them up in the Group Finder with the following steps:
  1. Navigate to Resources and find the Group Finder tile
  2. Click on View All
  3. Select the My Groups tab at the top
  4. Next to Year, select the appropriate School Year
  5. Next to Group Type, select the type of group you are looking for
  6. Find the name of the group and click View Group above it
Note: The Group finder can also be accessed in the Groups drop-down by selecting Find More or the Classes drop-down by selecting View Other Classes. This will only display if the User is Enrolled in a Current Term

If the Group Finder Tile is not visible on your resource board, follow these steps to enabled it:
  1. Navigate to Core > Communication > Resource Boards
  2. Find the Group Finder Tile and click the Pencil to edit
    Group Finder Tile Image
  3. Mark the check-boxes for the Resource Boards you would like to enable the tile on or click Select all to enabled it on all boards
  4. Click Save