How to stop a scheduled e-card from sending

Is there a way that I can stop a scheduled e-card from sending?
If you have a constituent that has scheduled a e-card to send via a BBIS page, you may be able to stop it from going out if they contact you and ask for it to be stopped.

You will have to first locate the email job ID via a script from your database.  We recommend something like: selecttop 1000 *from emailjob orderby id desc

Once you find the ID to the email job you can go to the front end of BBIS to ensure you have the right one.  You can open a any message from email//message and change the URL to the Email ID in question.  For example if your URL looks like


You would change the digits after CID to the information from the CID column in the row of your e-card.  This will pull up the e-card in question and you should be able to validate this is the one that you wish to be stopped.

Then run a script such as

update emailjob
setstatus= 8
where id ='ID from Column One of emailjob script'

Where the id in question here is the ID from column one of the first script, not column two which is email ID.  This will change the status of the email from scheduled to exception.  This should stop the e-card from being sent.  


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