Here is further information on what is considered fiscally significant:

Adjusted Payment Transactions (GL Credit Entries)

Adjusted Pledge Transactions (GL Credit Entries)

In one case, where an adjustment was made to a Pledge Payment (and the adjustment was not added to the GL), the problem was that the client adjusted the Pledge Payment's GIFT_DATE at the same time as they changed the PAYMENT_AMOUNT - that affected the GLI’s ability to compare the current transaction to the original transaction to find a difference, which it needs to do to allow a Transactions to go to the GLI.

To fix this for specific Payment Transactions, the client needs to:

1.    Adjust the Transaction back to the previous GIFT_DATE and previous PAYMENT_AMOUNT. This adjustment will not be picked up by the GLI, since they are changing both the GIFT_DATE and PAYMENT_AMOUNT at the same time.
2.    Adjust the Transaction again, this time changing the PAYMENT_AMOUNT to 0 and not changing the GIFT_DATE. Now, the -$10 will be picked up by the GLI.
3.    If the client actually wants the GIFT_DATE changed as well, they can do that in a separate adjustment after the PAYMENT_AMOUNT is adjusted off. If they do not need a change to the GIFT_DATE, then they are done after step #2.

In the future, if the client wants a Transaction to be added to the GLI, do not adjust the Transaction's GIFT_DATE in same adjustment as PAYMENT_AMOUNT.