Unable to Progress Past Step 2, Map Your Import File. Nothing Happens After Clicking Next

During Step 2 of the Import process, columns from the import spreadsheet are mapped to the corresponding eTapestry fields. After all of the fields/columns are mapped, you can then click Next to go to Step 3 (Preview). However, nothing happens after clicking Next and the user is unable to progress to Step 3, preventing them from completing the import.
At various times during Step 2, eTapestry may show a warning indicating that it doesn't recognize some of the columns that you've mapped to the eTapestry fields. This is more likely to occur if you are re-using a previous import template or if you're manually typing in the column names on this step. The warning will vary in look from one browser to the next, but will general appear as follows:
Warning Message Displayed on Step 2 of Import
If the 'Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs' option is checked before OK is clicked, this will prevent any additional pop up windows from appearing during the Import setup. 

This can actually prevent you from progressing beyond Step 2. When Next is clicked to progress to Step 3, eTapestry will, in most cases, display a pop up window that you must click OK to before you are allowed to move on to the next step. If the pop up windows have been blocked by the 'Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs' option, this message from eTapestry will be hidden, and you will be unable to click OK. However, eTapestry will not allow you to go to Step 3 until OK is clicked, giving the impression that nothing is happening when Next is clicked.

This can be corrected by the following:

1. Click Home in the menu
2. Click Go To Home; this will back out of the import entirely
3. Log out of eTapestry
4. Log back into eTapestry and proceed to set up the import once more. Make sure not to check off the 'Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs' box if it appears

If the above steps do not correct the issue, adjust the Pop-Up Blocker settings in your browser so that Pop-Ups are allowed for the time being, then attempt the import once more.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Either open an existing import template, or start a new Import (Management>Import>click a category>New Import)
2. On Step 1, Name and select the Import Type, click Choose File and search your computer for the file you're importing
3. In the Name Format section, assign the appropriate Name Format for use with this import
4. If this is a new Import template you're creating, select the type of import you are running
5. Click Next
6. On Step 2, Map Your Import file, map each of the columns from your spreadsheet to the corresponding eTapestry fields by clicking on the mapping icon to the right of each field
7. Once the mapping is completed, click Next
8. After clicking Next, nothing happens and you will remain on Step 2



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