There are two primary methods to resolving this error message:

1. As this error indicates that the two accounts you are attempting to merge have different countries selected on the same Persona Types, the Account Merge screen can be modified so that the Persona information for the Duplicate Account (the account on the left) is moved into an empty Persona on the Target Account (the account on the right).

For example, if both the Target and Duplicate accounts only have Personal personas (where the different countries are selected), the information from the Personal persona of the Duplicate Account can be moved over to an empty Persona on theTarget Account.
1. Click Back on the Warning message
2. On the Account Merge screen, set the Move Persona To drop down menu at the bottom to an empty Persona Type (this will be a Persona Type without an asterisk next to it)
3. Leave the second drop down menu set to Merge
4. Under the Target Account's Persona, you should now see a "This account does not have this persona.' message, indicating it is currently empty:
Persona Merge Setup for Accounts With Different Countries

5. Click Save to perform the Merge; no Warning message will appear this time and the merge will complete
6. If you now review the merged account, you will see two Personas with information, both with different countries.

2. The second option is to manually adjust the Country field on one of the account's Personas so that it matches the Country set on the other account:
1. Search for and open one of the accounts you are merging together
2. Click the blue Personas link in the account header
3. Click the Change Country link
4. Select the Country that is currently selected on the other account you are merging the current account with
5. Click Save And under Tasks
6. Re-attempt to merge the accounts once more; you will no longer receive the Warning message and the merge will complete