What is Single User Mode and How can I Upgrade FIMS with this Setup?

I am doing an upgrade and our database is in Single User mode. What do I need to be aware of? 
Upgrading a version of FIMS that is set up for single sign on is a little different from normal as the setup is different. You can’t use a setup utility for single sign-on. You may notice that the .ini files will have a -1 at the end of the database path rather than a server name due to the connection being made with the -1 parameter rather than shared memory or TCP\IP.

In this scenario, some environments use a personal database Progress license in which only 1 user can be logged into FIMS at a time. A personal database, single user setup is also referred to as peer to peer in which both the server and the workstations are all pointed to N. The FIMS shortcut on the server has N paths in the fimsnt.ini which is mapped locally.

Unique to this setup is the fact that Progress folders can be copied to the server from another location rather being installed if only a single user is connecting. Neither the OpenEdge Admin Service or the Database broker would be running in this setup.
  1. Run the setup.exe to upgrade FIMS as described in the upgrade guide
  2. You may get an error after the database selection screen comes up that says, "Unable to find database backup file. n:\found\dbbackup\.."
  • Make sure that the fimsnt.ini file is in the FIMS shortcut on the server
  • Make sure that the fimsnt.ini file has the n path to the database
  • Run the following commands in an elevated command prompt. After the 4th command you will see the compiler run:

set dlc=n:\dlc

%dlc%\bin\probkup n:\found\dbfiles\found n:\found\dbfiles\found-20180601.bkp

cd /d n:\found\fims

%DLC%\bin\prowin32.exe -p tools\FimsInstallCompile.p -assemblies ..\assemblies -ini ..\configfiles\FIMSNT.INI -s 2560 -inp 32000 -param nodbbackup

Items to check for Single User setup:

1. The paths in the found.st should all be N
2. If they need to be updated, you will need to run Prostrct repair.
3. The FIMS shortcut on the server needs to point to the fimsnt.ini, but the paths in that ini file need to point to N.
4. The database connection should be: \found\dbfiles\found,-1 in the ini file



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