To upload your statement to Donor Central, 
  1. Run your statements report as normal. 
  2. When the FIMS viewer pops up with your statement information, click on the External Statements menu.
  3. Select Individual Statements for Donor Central. (If you cannot perform this step, see below.)
  4. It will then process your statements and a popup will appear with the number of PDFs that have been created. 
  5. In FIMS, go to Tools > System Utilities > Donor Central > Upload DC Fund Statements. 
  6. A window will pop up with the number to documents to be uploaded. Double check that the date range listed is correct.
  7. Click on Upload Statements. 
Your Fund Statements will now be available on Donor Central!

If you can’t create Statements for Donor Central, then you may be missing a setting in your FIMS profile. To correct this, 
  1. Go to Tools > User Preferences
  2. Select All Other Preferences and click OK.
  3. In the Options Section, select DonorCentral_Download_Directory.
  4. Click Browse to set this to "N:\found\eAdvisor". 
  5. Click Apply and OK.  Then rerun your statements.