How to find the query that was used to send a Mass Email

When preparing to send out a new Mass Email, you may want to use the same Query that was used to send a previous Mass Email. If you do not remember the name of the query or the category that it was stored in, you do have the ability to review the information about the previously sent mass email including the Query Category and the Query itself.
  1. Login to eTapestry
  2. Click Management
  3. Click My Organization
  4. Click Journal (There are two ways to find the Journal Entry that has the information about the Mass Email and the query used.If you know the approximate date for when the previous email was sent, Click Filter and add in a date range for the journal entries and click Apply Filters.If you do not know the date you can scroll down and find the First Note Entry whose description starts with "A Mass Email process was launched" or "An Advanced Mass Email process was launched)
  5. Click on the link for that Journal Entry and within the Note, you will see the Query Category and the Query name that was used 



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