Platform Managers can upload the school logo and seal which can be used on Reports, transcripts, and Athletic Opponent contracts.
Logos are also used in onMessage sites as a design element. First Upload the school logo or seal.

To do this navigate to:
  1. Core > Settings > Application Style Settings > Logos and Seals
  2. Click the link to select which graphic you're uploading - either logo or seal.
  3. Upload the file by clicking Choose File and selecting the file from computer.
  4. Click Save & Exit.
Note: Images should be saved as a JPG in RGB format. 
The image size for the default logo should be 192 x 96 pixels (72 dpi).
The image size for the default seal should be 384 x 384 pixels (72 dpi).
To change the logo being used on your webpage, navigate to
  1. School Website > Website Management > Websites > Site Name
  2. Select the Master Layouts Tab
  3. Click into the Master layout
  4. Where the Logo Content Block is, select the new Logo titled you just uploaded in Core using the above steps