How do I query on journal Contacts with a specific Contact Method?

When you have any type of contact with your constituents, you will usually create a Contact in their journal.  Within this Contact entry, you'll choose what type of contact it was in the Contact Method field.  Anything from Email, Phone call, Meeting, to Volunteer Hours can be chosen in this field.  If you ever want to find any Contact you made with a certain Contact Method, you can do so by creating a query.
To create a query to find all Contact entries with a specific Contact Method:

1. Click Queries
2. Select a category that you want to store this query in (Ex: Base)
3. Click New Query under the tasks menu
4. Name the query
5. For Starting Query select Category: Base and Query: All Constituents
6. Set the Data Return Type to Journal Entries
7. Under Criteria Matching select Match Each Criteria
8. Under Criteria > Browse Fields select Defined Fields from the drop down box
9. Click Contact Method
10. Select the box next to the specific method you want
11. Save and Preview



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