Creating a User Group

Create a user group if you want a group of people to share copies of reports, screens, favorites, queries or user-defined outputs. For instance, you can create a "PG" group that contains all of your planned giving officers. Once you set up a group, you can create copies of reports and screens for all of the planned giving officers to use. (Create copies for a user group on the User Group Preference Administration screen.) Also, for example, if you assign a group of users (a user group) queries and user-defined outputs, then they can schedule and make changes to the same queries and outputs.

Note: You cannot assign privileges and preferences directly to a user group; however, you can assign copies of screens, reports, favorites, etc. to the group. Privileges and preferences for each member of the user group is set up using the User Preference Administration screen.

  1. Access the User Group Entry screen. TA displays the Find User Groups window.

  2. Click <New> to access the Create New User Group window. You can enter a name up to 12 characters in length including spaces, underscores, and periods. This name must be unique.

  3. Click <Create>. TA displays the user group on the User Group Entry screen.

  4. Enter a descriptive name for the user group in the Description field. The description can be up to 40 characters.

  5. Assign members to the user group.

Assigning Members to a User Group

Once a user group has been created, you can assign members to it.

  1. In the User Assignments block, click on the first blank line.

Note: If no blank lines appear, highlight any user name in the User Assignments block and press the [F6] key or click the <New> button on the toolbar to add a blank line.

  1. Enter the brief name of the user to assign to the group. You can press the [F9] key to select from the list of user names.

  2. Press the [Tab] key. TA displays the user’s name line to the right of the user’s brief name.

  3. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for each additional user that you want to assign to the group.

Note: You can remove a user from a user group by highlighting the brief name in the User Assignments block and pressing the [Shift] [F6] key combination.

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Setting up a User Group