As advances in technology continuously drive product innovation, Blackbaud releases new products, features, and services that help nonprofit organizations achieve their missions. This means that clients can realize new value from the consistent investment and advancement of many Blackbaud solutions while Blackbaud simultaneously prepares more mature products for product end of life. 

Common Ground Enterprise will be officially retired on March 31, 2017. This means that Blackbaud will no longer support or maintain Common Ground Enterprise, and all remaining sites will become inactive and completely inaccessible. Additionally, on March 4, 2017, Salesforce will be enforcing TLS 1.1 compliance.  We do not expect that any adverse effects from this change will impact the CGE Connector.  However, if the Connector experiences any issues, Blackbaud will not augment or change the code in anticipation of the March 31, 2017, end-of-support date for CGE.

What does this mean for you?
•    You will no longer be able to access your Common Ground Enterprise instance or receive support from Blackbaud for Common Ground Enterprise.
•    You will no longer be able to access Common Ground Enterprise data such as donation information, events information, and reports.
•    Before your Common Ground Enterprise instance is retired, we recommend that you do a data export to preserve any Common Ground Enterprise data that you wish to keep for your records. 

In preparation for the end-of-support for Common Ground Enterprise, your Blackbaud account manager will be contacting you to discuss your upgrade to Luminate CRM. Due to typical implementation and onboarding timelines for Luminate CRM, we recommend that you begin your migration no later than September 31, 2016. We recommend that you work with your Blackbaud account manager on a migration timeline to experience a successful implementation and meet this critical deadline. 

In addition, Common Ground Enterprise maintenance contracts will not extend beyond March 31, 2017.  If you have any questions about your maintenance renewal or how it will be impacted by the end of support for Common Ground Enterprise, please email

We are excited to partner with you to ensure your organization is benefiting from the multi-channel, cloud-based constituent engagement available with Luminate CRM. If you would like to start your migration planning now, please contact your account manager directly, chat with sales, or call 800.443.9441.