1. In Accounts Payable click Query
2. Click New 
3. Set the Query Type: Vendor and Query format: Dynamic, click Ok
4. On the Criteria tab expand Summary and select Total Payment Amount
5. In the new window that opens, on the Criteria Tab for the Total Payment Amount select:
  • Operator: Greater than
  • Value: (desired amount or $1, etc.) 
6. While still in the window, on the Filter tab for the Total Payment Amount:
  • Add Payment date > Operator: Between, put in the appropriate dates in Value 1 and Value 
  • Click Ok
  • Add Voided? > Operator: Equals, Value of No
  • Click Ok
7. Click Ok to exit the field criteria
8. On the Output tab expand Vendor and Select Vendor Name, Vendor ID
9. On the Sort tab expand Vendor and add Vendor Name 
Note: Here you can set Asc or Desc
10. Go to the results tab and review the results