HTML code and %20 appears in an email, when viewing NetCommunity messages in Outlook 2007

When opening emails from NetCommunity in Microsoft Outlook 2007 there may be odd code appearing(%20) in the message accompanying hyperlinks.  
This is an issue with Outlook 2007 causing hyperlinks that are longer than 1033 characters to break and display %20 for spaces in the URL.  Because NetCommunity codes hyperlinks with redirects to capture tracking information,  links may not exceed the character limit when previewing the html in NetCommunity.  

As an alternative for those few recipients that are still using outlook 2007 the hyperlinks can be shortened using the following steps.
  1. How to create a New Page in the NetCommunity site. This can be a blank page with no parts on it 
  2. Click View this Page button
  3. Copy the URL from the browser
  4. How to set up a page URL redirect in Blackbaud NetCommunity for the page using the URL that you just copied as the original page. Enter the third party URL as the Target Page
  5. Edit the email message in NetCommunity
  6. How to create a link to another page by inserting a hyperlink that was created in NetCommunity 



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