Add the following fields to the Batch set-up. The following fields in a gift batch will display information from the merchant account regarding the credit card charge's approval or decline:
  • Authorization Code
  • Rejection Code
You can also log into your merchant account website, such as the Blackbaud Merchant Services website to search for the transactions there.

Additional Notes:
  • The Authorization Code and Rejection Code fields must be BLANK when the credit cards are charged or direct debits are sent for the merchant account to return the approval or decline. Do not enter other information, such as the card's security code, in these fields. If a recurring batch, be sure to remove the prior run's results from these fields.
  • Results for credit cards should return right away.
  • Results for direct debits can take several business days. Send the direct debits and then just save and close the batch. On the following business day (and each thereafter if no results are ready), reopen the batch and follow the prompts for the results.
  • Committing a batch does not process a credit card or direct debit. Complete the credit card / direct debit processing first, receive the results, and then commit the batch. If you commit before processing/charging, then please refer to how to process credit card gifts when a batch has already been committed.