Actual Value in Bond Gift Type is not available to report on

Actual Value is a field within the Bond gift type. This field is not available in the Report columns and currently cannot be reported on. 
This was resolved in the 7.26.0 Release on 10/23/2016.

A new field was added called "Bond Actual Value" which will show the Actual Value from the transaction.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Search for Account Name that you would like to add a gift to
  2. Click that Account Name
  3. Click the Journal in the Account's header
  4. Click Add
  5. Click Gift/Pledge
  6. Enter a Received amount and select a Fund
  7. Under the Gift Types, select Bond from the drop down menu 
  8. Enter an amount in the Actual Value field
  9. Click Save And at the bottom of the page 
  10. Click Reports
  11. Click Manage Reports
  12. Click a category that you would like to store this report in 
  13. Click New Report
  14. Name the Report Bond Actual Value 
  15. Scroll down to the Report Columns and click the Search Fields tab
  16. Enter Actual Value and click Enter
  17. You will receive the message "No Results Found" 




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