• GPA Points are used when a school wants to increase a students grade average by a flat amount for taking a course.
  • For example, if a student has an average of 3.15 and they took a course that has GPA Points set to 0.2, their final grade average would be calculated as 3.35 if "Include GPA Points" is enabled on the grade average.
  • GPA Points are awarded as long as a student passes the class.

Based on GPA points:

GPA Equiv 1 (Score) x NA/Sum of Grades + GPA Points at the end of the Term/Year

For example if you have a student with an a GPA of 90 with lets say 2 grades . They took an ap course so it would be the score of the 2 grades = 180 divided by the sum of the grades (2) = 90 + the gpa points of .15 make this students GPA a 90.15.


Based on Weights:

Now lets say in that same example above instead the weight was added to the Score so 90+90.15 (AP Course) =180.15 divided by the sum of the grades (2) this is now only a 90.075 for the GPA.