Merchandise items show as active on the Vendor record when they are inactive

After marking a merchandise item as inactive in Altru you may notice that when viewing the merchandise on the Vendor's record the merchandise item still shows as active
This is because the Merchandise item itself was made inactive but the inventory of the merchandise item is still active. To mark the inventory as inactive follow the steps below:
  1. Click merchandise > merchandise search
  2. Search for and select the merchandise item
  3. Under inventory items mark the box next to the SKU and click mark inactive

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create a merchandise item in Altru
    1. Merchandise > Add merchandise
    2. Give the merchandise item a name, department, and vendor. Click save
  2. Go to the merchandise record and click mark merchandise inactive
  3. Click Merchandise > vendor search
  4. Search for and select the vendor
  5. The merchandise item will still show as active in the list


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