To avoid this scenario, you can create an Available to Spend code for your Pass-through funds that will deduct the Pledge Receivable amount from the fund balance, be available to alert you during grant entry and will appear on the Balance supertab in the Funds module:
  1. Select File Maintenance > Funds > Fund Code Maintenance > Available to Spend
  2. Click the New button in the upper left to add a new code
  3. Add a code and description
  4. Check the Based on Selected Accounts box
  5. In the accounts grid, add a range that includes all your asset and liability accounts (+), then another line with your Pledge Receivable account (-), which will effectively subtract your Pledge Receivable from the available fund balance.
  6. You may check any of the other boxes below if you wish to incorporate unposted entries into the calculation.
  7. Add this code to your Pass-through funds (You may use Mass Fund Field Assignments tool – see How do I make a change for a code field for multiple Funds)
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