TeamRaiser and eCommerce are linked through the TeamRaiser:
  1. Navigate to the TeamRaiser
  2. Click Edit
  3. Click Select Event Options
  4. Under Related Actions on lower left, click Edit Advanced Options
  5. New sub-options will be listed under Step 3, click Configure eCommerce Options
How to Configure eCommerce Options:
  1. TeamRaiser eCommerce Enabled, mark Yes
  2. eCommerce Store Associated With the Event Products, select the store
  3. Default Product, select only if you want shoppers to be limited to one product
  4. Participants Can Receive Credit for Product Purchases, mark Yes
  5. Teams Can Receive Credit for Product Purchases, mark Yes
  6. Content Entered By Event Manager about the Products or Store, no text is required here
If the Begin Shopping button does not appear when searching for a participant, contact support to have eCommerce site options enabled.