1. Click Communications
  2. Click Manage Communications
  3. Click the category where the template is stored
  4. Click the name of the template
  5. Hover over the text box where you’d like to include the hyperlink
  6. Click the pencil icon in the upper-left corner of the text box
  7. Place the cursor in the location where you’d like to include the hyperlink
  8. Click the Insert/Edit Link icon (looks like a chain link)
  9. In the URL field, enter the URL for the website that the hyperlink will direct to
  10. The Text to Display field will automatically populate with the URL, but you can highlight the text and type over it with different text if you'd prefer
  11. In the Target field, you can determine whether the link should open in a new window; if you select None, the link respects the recipient’s browser settings
  12. In the Link Name field, enter a name to identify the URL on the Delivery Report (this report is only available if we send the email as an Advanced Mass Email- for more information on Advanced Mass Emails, see How to send an Advanced Mass Email)
  13. Click OK
  14. Click Update
  15. Click Save and Finish