1. Select File, Open FundWare. 
2. Select division 00 System Administration and click OK. 
3. Select System Administration, System Utilities.  Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:

       Program Name:     PYL006
       Switches:                 20
       Business Date:      Use today's date
       Division:                   Select the appropriate division.
       Click Run.

4. Type in C to Change, then 5 for field to be changed, and press Enter.
5. Press Enter twice and change the Last employee number to the number just prior to what you want the next number to be.  Make sure you only update the Last Employee number.
6. Continue to press Enter until the top of the screen says "Enter field ot be changed (0 to accept").  Type 0 to accept the change and press Enter.
7. Type E to End.